Are these the last Peer Reviews for BCM?!

I think I say it every round of peer reviews, I never enjoy these. I often feel uncomfortable although I know I am only providing feedback and notes on potential improvements if needed, I can’t help but always feel out of place.

For this round of peer reviews, I have decided to follow Jess Jenkins’ journey on the creative services team. She is providing the service of photography and the development of aesthetics. After viewing and reading the pitch, I felt a bit lost as to what this DA was called and where I could access such a service if I needed to. Although there is a link to a previous DA’s Instagram page, there is no exact place she is advertising her services that make me understand what services are being provided. I felt as though there needed to have a specific platform/s that would showcase what was on offer and potentially clarify how clients would be gained if there were no services being advertised. This I found confusing as I’m struggling to see how I can keep up with her journey in photography and aesthetic development without a defined platform.

It seems as though this DA is something that Jess enjoys and has found a passion for, which is something I love to see when someone is developing a DA. As someone who is not a photographer, I can appreciate the hard work that photography and aesthetic development require, and I look forward to the DA’s growth. I do wonder how this DA assists in Jess’ future. I assume photography is the industry she may like to pursue but she also mentions social media management so I’m curious to see how both of these will relate to one another or if they do, how and why wasn’t this shown in your pitch. I would have enjoyed getting to see what could be created.

This semester I will also be following Georgie O’Brien’s journey on the B29 Resources Team. This DA Pitch was clear and effective in explaining what the purpose of the DA’s development was. As someone who does not have access to building 29 or have any knowledge of what can be found there, this is quite interesting. I enjoyed getting to hear the excitement in Georgie’s pitch video and to be able to see who their target audience is as well as how the B29 resources team intend to get their content across to their audience was really well done. I liked seeing direct links that took me to the platforms that were being used as part of this DA. 

I did find the DA pitch video speaking to be a little fast, but this is something I know I commonly happen to do which to me means the person is excited and passionate about their project. This I can forgive because I much prefer to hear a fast speaker than someone who may not actually have any proper interest in their DA. I do question how this DA has relevance for Georgie’s future as promoting UOW’s building 29 is only truly useful if it had a correlation to a future prospect. I assume social media management as Georgie and the team appear to place a strong focus on their social media channels to promote this particular building.

Overall, I’m excited to see what happens next with these 2 DA projects. I chose to follow these as they are quite different to one another but also from my own which could give me inspiration on how I can better develop my DA.

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